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The ancient and the contemporary. The mineral and the vegetable. Textures and materials intertwine and collide in the sensitive, creative and distinctive vision of Coutume{Studio} , where genres mix to provoke happy coincidences, and thus create a universe where the decor expresses the place.

Coutume{Studio} is an interior decoration and design agency, driven by a multidisciplinary approach to “know-how of beauty” embodied in its multiple activities. A consulting firm in decoration and interior architecture, Coutume{Studio} also stands out as a curator and publisher of objects, which come to life within the showroom, a unique place in Bordeaux, and the online gallery.

Creator of universes, Coutume{Studio} celebrates authenticity in its purest form, where artisanal know-how sublimates materials, colors and natural materials in each of its creations. A mixture of styles orchestrated with elegance and singularity, where eclecticism becomes harmony, where variety becomes uniqueness.

Where the unexpected awakens and reveals itself.



Karine Pelloquin and Frédéric Aguiard melt Coutume{Studio} as a matter of course. A link woven between couture and home, embodied by the studio, a place of creation in essence.

Their paths intertwine and their eye sharpens over nearly thirty years to the rhythm of fashion and fashion houses, as artistic directors and designers. Demanding plays of materials, colors and volumes which, already, outline the first features of their next painting.

From fashion to home, the evolution happens naturally, driven by a common passion for design and interior architecture. Dimensions change, sensations persist. They are visual, tactile, even olfactory in the atmospheres they create together, in unison.

The creative duo shapes, orchestrates, and sheds light on a certain sense of beauty. The one who welcomes and reassures, where imperfection creates the exception, with a certain love of the work of the hand.

It weaves, well beyond the unbreakable bond that unites them, just as many connections between places, objects, and people, and reveals a universe that is as alive as it is in perpetual expansion.


As part of our consulting activity in interior decoration and architecture, we are keen to consider each project, whether it is layout, layout or decoration.

With individuals and professionals, our creations aim to best reveal the history and spirit of the places, where ancient and contemporary styles, works of art and antique objects resonate, and a singular atmosphere is established, also unique so welcoming and reassuring.

Each project embodies the birth of a link between you, the initiator of the project, and Coutume{Studio} . A link nourished by a necessary dialogue, textual and visual, which we will ensure to maintain at the different stages of the project.

For any project requests, we invite you to contact us by e-mail at contact@coutumestudio.fr or using our contact form. We will discuss the characteristics of your project, and together identify your needs, and how we could meet them.

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