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A tandem in life as in creativity

Both from the world of fashion, they are true designers of atmosphere. “Jack of all trades” who allow them to project their vision 360 degrees. Stylist, graphic designer, colorist, artistic director... a combination of skills to support a project from A to Z. When you ask them how they finally slipped from the world of fashion to become interior "enhancers", they tell you respond with a big smile that it happened a little by chance and in spite of themselves. Indeed, it was during an interview at home, in their former Parisian apartment, that a journalist unmasked their talents as decorators. Since then, interior decoration magazines have continued to follow them in each house they furnish.
This is how they began to receive requests from individuals to enhance their interiors. Because in fact, more than setting a decor, Coutume{Studio} creates universes, it revitalizes or even reveals the Soul of a place. And for this, the duo always takes the time to discover and tame the space, the volumes, the materials... but also the inhabitants who will live in this territory.
“It’s a real encounter! " as they say. These two inseparable people need to feel the pulse of the house, what she tells. It is also a human appreciation with the owners. Understand how they want to make the house their own and evolve within it.
Like the clothing collections they designed as Textile Designers, they see the house as an envelope that adapts to the people who occupy it. This is how Karine and Fred helped to breathe new life into Château Lebosq “Domaine Saint-Christoly-Médoc”, long abandoned in the heart of the Médoc vineyards. In agreement with the new owners, Coutume {Studio} relied on the brands of times gone by. He has made it the strength and atypical charm of this residence which has become a guest house. By integrating worn doors and aged walls into their scenography, the couple was able to maintain the authenticity of the place. “We brought the king and queen back to the castle,” jokes Karine, who herself created the frescoes of the sovereigns on the faded walls with their scars still visible. The result is simply incredible! They decorated the walls with a range of paints of their own creation.
For each space, they used mineral and plant tones which resonate with the natural setting in which the castle is located. The furniture and accessories were specially sourced by them, or even custom designed. The tandem masters the art of diverting “old junk” and “worn” materials by giving them a second life. They present them in a kind of simplicity which only further reveals their aesthetic. We feel a sort of congruence between the “textured” envelope of the building and the raw material of each object that covers it.
Each piece reveals an atmosphere, tells a story. Each piece of furniture and accessory finds its place and encourages our gaze to slow down for more contemplation. So don't hesitate, if you are in the region, you will be touched by the poetry of this place.

By Félicia Roy