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South side n° 191

A change of direction initiated a few years ago which is affirmed with the opening of the Coutume{Studio} space, echoing their new life.
On the ground floor of a private mansion in the heart of Bordeaux, the concept is set within a showroom-gallery-boutique designed as a home and a place of exchange.

Windows on the street side, an entrance under a porch, a glass roof on the courtyard side, volumes carried by an evolving spirit set the scene for this space, halfway between private and public. The playground of Karine Pelloquin and Frédéric Aguiard refocuses their priorities. The desire to scenography their design choices, to bring together small and large creations, to bring to life the colors of their collection of mineral paints is accompanied here by the desire to cultivate an art of living that they cannot imagine without the others. ..


Between innovations and artisanal know-how, the field of possibilities remains wide open. After having welcomed recognized or more confidential artists and creators, it is now up to designers to invite themselves into their selections, giving them carte blanche.
The Milanese agency Studiopepe slipped into the decor and exclusively revealed creations from emblematic Italian publishers...


From the Bauhaus-style daybed “Five to Nine” by Tacchini to the “Ritagli” sculpture console by Alimonti Milano or the “Talisman” wall rug by CC-Tapis, the poetry of the associations was at work. A dialogue took place echoing the compositions created by Karine Pelloquin, inspired by the prints of the architect-sculptor Pierre Székely. Made in the “Earth” range of Coutume{Studio} paints, these graphic puzzles revealed the shades of the nature palette...

This scenography reinvented the eras and the taste for transversality. Colors, lines and textures brought together classicism and modernity around a common language...