Press-Art&Deco Colombes

Luxury, calm and sobriety

A street bordered on one side by around ten houses, pressed against each other, and all seeming identical.
In the middle, there is this unique little building, completely redesigned by the decoration firm COUTUME{STUDIO} which rehabilitated its long configuration. The redistribution of volumes was carried out with simplification; the kitchen space is enlarged by breaking up the bathroom, rebuilt upstairs, followed by the bedrooms where large roof windows have been installed to provide more clarity. The rooms are reorganized so that the storage is integrated into the architecture, freeing up space as much as possible.
Then comes the choice of materials, colors, objects... As initiated and demanding aesthetes, Karine Pelloquin and Frédéric Aguiard choose each object with care, and mix antique accessories and contemporary creations. They use a reduced range of tones, but declined from the wall to the dishes.
Like in the living room, where the Old Rose walls match the Beige leather of the armchairs, the Brown of the poufs, the Taupe of the chairs and bowls by Marcel Marongiu. In addition, white runs along the wall opposite, encompassing the Bulthaup kitchen and reinforcing the brightness. The choice of materials is precise: from concrete on the floor and the shelves of the entrance library, to oak for the living room floor and for the square table created by Christophe Delcourt.